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Russia Visa


Russia Visa

Visa Requirement for Russia

Any tourist wanting to visit Russia must obtain a prior tourist visa in order to enter the country. Tourists can stay in Russia for a maximum of 3 months visa-free and are assigned Temporary visitor status. It is important to know that Russia tourist visa doesn’t allow any traveler to engage in any kind of paid work while in the country.

  1. Passport: Applicant must submit their current, signed passport. A visa is a stamp or sticker applied to the passport by the Embassy or consulate, therefore the original passport is required.
  2. Photo Requirement: Applicant must submit two (2) identical, color, passport style photographs (no glasses may be worn). The photos must be recent and generally should not be the same used for the passport itself.
  3. Applicants Under 18yrs: Although an applicant may be submitting documents along with other family members when submitted to an embassy or consulate, applications are treated individually. If the applicant is under 18 years old provide a copy of the birth certificate and passport copy of each parent/guardian. If a parent has a Russian passport, please give us a call for further instructions.
  4. Invitation Letter: Applicant must submit a certified Russian invitation voucher. These can often be obtained from inviting party in Russia, however, may take several weeks to be issued. If the applicant does not possess an invitation, one may be ordered using the link below. When ordering business invitations, an uploaded scan of the information page of the applicant’s passport is required. Make sure the dates for the invitation match the intended dates of travel. Russian visas are issued based on the dates stated on the invitation and cannot be changed once issued.

    Note: If an applicant is submitting their own paper invitation, the original is required. Copies are not accepted.

  5. Visa Application: Applicant must complete a visa application online. Click the link below, the website will open in a new tab, choose VISA REQUEST. When you start your application, you MUST WRITE down Application ID and Password. Please include this information in your package. We will not accept documents without this information. After completing the application form online, please print it. Please do not forget to sign and date your application.

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